We’re looking for traders to get involved with Good FiG

Good Fig Summer event call for traders

Good Food in Greenwich is a partnership of individuals, organisations and businesses working to improve the food in Greenwich. Our vision is one of celebrating our rich diversity, growing, producing, preparing and sharing good food that is healthy, sustainable, affordable and accessible to all.

We’re putting together a list of traders to work at events in Greenwich and further afield.  Benefits of being on this list include:

  • First refusal to trade at events
  • Promotion of your business through Good Food in Greenwich networks and newsletters
  • More opportunities to trade at other events in Greenwich and other boroughs

In order to be on the preferred list you must demonstrate your commitment to Good FiG. We are asking businesses to sign up to the charter and make a pledge! Once this is completed online we will send a copy of the charter and a window grab for you to display.

Upcoming event for Good FiG- Good FiG Summer Event 11th July – sign up now and get involved!


Please read and complete the application form at the top of this post to be considered for this fantastic opportunity. Let’s work together for a better community!