Healthier Catering Commitment

Eating out

Café and fast food businesses that offer healthier options can now be recognised by applying for a Healthier Catering Commitment Award. Healthier Catering Commitment for London is a voluntary scheme to recognise food outlets that offer healthier food options, and make simple and affordable changes to the food they sell to make it better for their customers.  Surveys show that people want healthier choices on the menu when they are eating out and that it is the responsibility of the caterer to provide healthier choice.  This award is a fantastic opportunity for food businesses to be recognised for making healthier choices easier, and a great way for the public to make those healthier choices.  

healthier catering commitmentWhat does a food business need to do? When a food business signs up to the scheme, they commit to improving the food they sell by making small changes like changing the oil they use and making sure its heated to the right temperature.  This helps foods soak up less fat whilst cooking.  They may also offer some healthy options like salad with burgers or low-sugar drinks and will offer smaller portions if asked.  These small changes can have a big impact on our health, but won’t impact on taste.

How can I tell which fast food business is participating on this scheme? Food businesses who adopt the scheme display the Healthier Catering Commitment logo on their business windows, doors or walls. So look out for this sign when you are next visiting a fast food outlet or café in your area and if you can’t see it – ask them why! Which food businesses have been awarded so far? So far, the following 29 premises in Royal Borough of Greenwich have been awarded the Healthier Catering Commitment certificate and sticker.


Waterfront Café, Waterfront Leisure Centre 30 Woolwich High St SE18 6DL
Eltham Café, Bistro Bar, Eltham Leisure Centre Archery Road SE9 1HA
Pistachios, (Yum Yummy Ltd) Chevening Road SE10 0LB
Avery Hill Park Café Avery Hill Road SE9 2EX
Great Sun 3 The Village SE7 8UG
Valley Café 20 Charlton Church Lane SE7 7AE
The Old Cottage Coffee Shop Charlton Park, Charlton Park Rd SE7 8UB
The Baguette 2a The Village SE7 8UD
First Choice Hare Street SE18 6NE
Star Banqueting Star Express 39-43 Hare Street SE18 6NE
Chicken & Pizza 31 The Village SE7 8UG
Sam’s’ Chicken 9 Plumstead Road SE18 7BZ
New Leaf Community Café 124a Blaker Court, Charlton SE7 7EU
Top Fryers Fish Bar 37 The Village SE7 8UG
Ziyafet 200 Eltham High Street SE9 1DB
Kim’s Fish & Chips 122B Plumstead Common Road SE18 2UL


Ziyafet 200 Eltham High Street SE9 1DB
Kim’s Fish & Chips 122B Plumstead Common Road SE18
Griller 14a Conway Road SE7 7DB
Bistro at Greenwich Carer’s Centre 76 Hornfair Road SE10 9HP
Foodies 139 Vanbrugh Hill SE10 8LF
Golden Chippy 62 Greenwich High Rd, SE3 9LA
Age Exchange 11 Blackheath Village SE9 1BT
Royal Kebab (Charcoal Grill) 48 Eltham High Street SE9 1UT
Star Grill 108 Westmount Road SE9 1 BW
Delicio 116 Eltham High St SE18 6JF
Koffees and Kream Unit 5 The Vista Building, 25 Calderwood Street SE18 6JQ
Friends Café 2-3 Barnards Close, Woolwich SE18 6AB
Coffee Lounge Equitable House, 29 Green’s End Woolwich SE10 8JA
G-West café 141 Greenwich High Rd SE7 7DB
Aroyd-D-Thai Gordon Square Woolwich SE10 9HP

If you have eaten at one of the above awarded food businesses and want to send us your feed-back about the food, please email, thanks!