Join the Tooth Fairy Welcome Party 9th December and call on Coke to end irresponsible marketing practices over the holiday period

Sustain and SUGAR SMART campaign supporters are organising a big outreach event on Saturday 9th December from 2pm to 4pm to coincide with the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour visit to the O2 Arena in Greenwich. Please get in touch directly to join their Tooth Fairy Party and help spread the message of Happy Healthy Holidays to all.

By now you have likely heard that “Holidays are coming” and the Coke Truck Tour is on its way to London to hand out thousands of free sugary beverages to the public, including children and young people. A single mini-can of Coke may seem like a treat, but contains 83.7% of a small child’s daily intake of sugar, and over half of an adult’s. With 1 in 3 children leaving primary school overweight or obese, this is a public health concern.

What’s more, this year’s Coca-Cola Tour of Dental Destruction coincides with the O2’s Jingle Bell Ball, one of the biggest teen-friendly events in London. Some of the biggest pop stars will be performing. What better way for Coke to capitalise on a captive audience of young people, who happen to consume on average 3 times the recommended sugar intake already. Join the Tooth Fairy Party and send a different kind of message to the public and to Coke.

Tooth Fairy Welcome Party

O2 Arena, Greenwich, London (exact meeting point to be confirmed)

Saturday 9th December, 2pm to 4pm

They will be handing out healthy eating information and promoting the SUGAR SMART campaign, as well as delivering an open letter to the management of the O2 Arena asking them to adopt responsible practices on their premises and ask companies like Coca-Cola to end the promotion of free sugary drinks.  There will be SUGAR SMART t-shirts, fairy wings and some fruit & vegetable costumes for the lucky few who request them. If you have any of these in your coffers, please do dust them off and bring them on the day.

Please email with your full name and phone number to take part.

You can also rsvp to the Facebook event page here:, but please do email us so we can send you joining instructions.



Surplus Feast is coming to the Woolwich Winter Warmer!

Building on the success of our two previous feasts, we’re delighted to be holding our next surplus Feast as part of the Woolwich Winter Warmer.  Expect reindeer displays, ice sculpting, puppet shows roving entertainers all accompanied by live music.  And we’ll be there all day to raise awareness of how much food is wasted in the UK that is perfectly good to eat.  Like last time, we’ll be cooking up a storm and giving away the food for free at certain times of the day. Of course, the wonderful FareShare will provide food, but we’re looking for volunteers to help chop and cook.

We’re looking for volunteers too, so please get in touch if you’d like to be involved! Email


Greenwich welcomes SOOP!

We’re delighted to welcome Stories On Our Plate – SOOP to Greenwich!

From a chance meeting at our Surplus Feast last autumn, we have been working with SOOP to help them relocate in Greenwich, the home of one of the founders and bring their expertise and enthusiasm to our borough!  SOOP is an exciting and innovative social enterprise which uses food to challenge the marginalisation of refugees living in the UK. Central to SOOP is their culinary training programme for refugees, aimed at overcoming the multiple barriers they face to entering careers in the food and catering industries. The multifaceted programme not only fosters greater employability through immersive English language training, kitchen skills and accreditation, but also promotes the use of food and storytelling to combat prejudice and facilitate social inclusion.  Celebrating differences through the shared experience of a meal underlines the SOOP philosophy, a central tenant of the Good Food in Greenwich ethos.    They host regular supper clubs to help fund their work, and break down those barriers, and are looking for venues in Greenwich to host.  If you know of a venue that supports supper clubs, please get in touch with Jack –

You can support their amazing work through attending one of the fundraising supper clubs and/or by donating to their crowdfunding campaign.  They are also looking for venues in Greenwich to host support clubs.  Follow them on social media for updates on other food and story-based events coming soon.

SOOP’s Co-Founders are – Jack Fleming, Jolien Benjamin and Laura Love-Petschl.

Follow at:; @soop_stories

Eat with SOOP:



Exciting new social enterprise café, Stir, opens in Woolwich!

An innovative new venture run by Greenwich and Bexley-based mental health and wellbeing charity, Bridge Support ( has opened in the heart of Woolwich at 23, Angelsea Road, SE18.  The café, Stir opened its doors back in August, 8am-4pm, and has been offering delicious food and drinks to an enthusiastic Woolwich public.

Stir is a social enterprise café, promoting wellbeing and recovery. Recognising the link between what we eat and how we feel, the café offers good mood food where it can to boost mood levels. Wherever possible Stir uses freshly grown herbs and vegetables from their allotment, as well as coffee beans from a local supplier in Kent.

The café also provides a bridge back into employment, using a volunteer team who want to gain work experience before moving on to paid employment. Students from the Recovery College, which is based on site and offers educational courses for development, have been trained up as volunteers working in the café. They are already serving customers with their newly acquired skills.

The café’s focus is on improving the mood of the whole the community, this includes their volunteers – who are using Stir to gain the necessary skills required for employment – as well as customers.

CEO of Bridge Support, Raymond Sheehy, said: “At Bridge Support, the charity which runs Stir café, we are dedicated to improving wellbeing of all our staff and clients and this ethos extends to our new social enterprise venture”.

“The café serves delicious good mood food at reasonable prices and our volunteers will benefit enormously from the project giving them valuable skills to be able to enter the world of employment. We encourage all the community to support this exciting and unique café and to enjoy the experience while supporting a great cause.”

If you want to support the local community, Stir will be the place you need to go. Feeling blue? Pop down to Stir in Woolwich for a little pick-me-up, if the atmosphere doesn’t make you feel good then the food will!



Charlton Athletic go Sugar Smart!

Since the Sugar Smart launch in January this year, the campaign has gone from strength to strength.  With nearly 30 organisations and schools signed up, Greenwich is leading the way in sugar reduction. 

One amazing partnership that is tackling this issue head on includes Charlton Athletic Community Trust, Charlton Athletic Football Club and its caterers DNC.  They have teamed up to take action in combatting the rise of childhood obesity throughout the borough by pledging support for the Sugar Smart Cities initiative.

Sugar Smart is a campaign started by TV chef Jamie Oliver to increase awareness of the dangers of eating too much sugar and reduce its consumption in the UK.

More than 40 per cent of children in Greenwich 10-11 years old are overweight or obese; which is worse than both the England and London averages.

But this is not just a local problem. Children and adults around the UK are consuming two to three times the recommends amount of sugar, which is leading to high rates of tooth decay, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

The Sugar Smart Greenwich scheme seeks to change this and create environments that allow people to make healthier, lower sugar choices and help halt the devastating effects caused by sugary food and drinks.   CACT, CAFC and DNC have made some important pledges that will make a real difference.  These pledges include:

  • Remove sugar from its hot drinks stands, leaving sweeteners for those who wish to add it to their tea or coffee
  • Display information on sugar content of drinks in The Valley concourse and actively promote drinking water to
  • Promote the Sugar Smart messages widely among fans and working with suppliers to encourage them to do the same
  • Develop and promote healthier meal options for the start of the 2017/18 season
  • Add a 10p levy to all sugary drinks

But that’s not all. DNC has agreed to donate the proceeds from the levy to a holiday meal programme that will help feed children during the summer holidays.  Deb Browne, Head of Health Improvement at CACT said: “We’re thrilled that Charlton Athletic Football Club and DNC share our vision to make Greenwich a healthier borough. I’m really excited to get to work to help families in the borough make informed choices about their diet and hopefully improve their quality of life for years to come.

CAFC Club Development Manager Lisa Squires said: “Being Sugar Smart is very important for the club. We’re pleased to be joining forces with the Community Trust and DNC to give us the opportunity to reach thousands of families in Greenwich to help educate local people on the long-term dangers of sugar. Hopefully together we can help people to make healthier choices.”

Councillor David Gardner, who launched the scheme said: “It’s fantastic to see so many organisations around the borough are taking action to reduce sugar.”


Want to set up a food growing project??

Good Food in Greenwich and GCDA are delighted to offer a unique and exciting opportunity; advice and guidance on setting up a food growing project!

Mental health problems and over-weight and obesity are on the increase, and we know that doing exercise can really help; but many people find it hard to get to the gym, or go for a jog. But did you know that doing some gentle gardening can do wonders for both your mental and physical well being?

Being outside in the beautiful outdoors (come rain or shine!) can contribute to feeling more positive, and also contribute towards your physical activity recommendations.

For the large number of people in our society – children and adults – who live with challenging physical or mental health problems, gardening and community food growing can be especially beneficial. Such activities can relieve the symptoms of serious illnesses, prevent the development of some conditions, and introduce people to a way of life that can help them to improve their well-being in the longer term.

But people in a mass urbanised society like Britain don’t have easy access to land. Green space and food growing spaces need to be created and protected in the environments where we live, to make it easy for people to participate in gardening, allotments, community food growing and horticultural therapy. So, if you have, or know of a space that could be turned into a community food growing space, then get in touch to find out what support we can offer to help you do this.

What can we offer?

  • * Visit to see the space you have
  • * Discuss what resources you’ll need and how you might get them
  • * Help you plan your planting
  • * Help you find volunteers to work with you

Contact for more information.

Keep on digging!