**S P O T L I G H T** on Kaleidoscope Kitchen!

The Kaleidoscope Kitchen is run by Corinne and Adam who fell into the catering game after being given, what they thought was a one off opportunity, to help run the crew kitchen at Chilled in a Field Festival back in 2010. The couple dabbled a bit until 2013 and then took some time out to travel the world (lucky them!). While travelling they collected recipes and learnt about food from the different countries they visited.

Feeling inspired on their returned, they decided to make The Kaleidoscope Kitchen their livelihood and after gaining valuable experience as part of the crew catering team at Glastonbury in 2015 (feeding up to 1,300 people every day) they felt ready to take on more festivals and events.

Following a huge amount of work, they now find themselves busy with festivals from May until September with other events in the autumn and winter months.
As well as organised events, festivals and street food markets, they also cater festival style weddings which have become really popular in the last two years.

Their favourite dishes to prepare are for Corinne the jalfrezi which is a delicious combination of roasted peppers, tomatoes and onions added to a curry base and for Adam their smoked beef brisket chilli con carne where he smokes the brisket on the barbecue before adding the rest of the chilli ingredients.

We were lucky enough to try their signature mac ‘n cheese topped with smoked brisket at the RARE Winter Warmer – just what we needed on a very chilly evening!

2019 will see The Kaleidoscope Kitchen growing by adding more markets, public pitches and green rooms at festivals where they have to date been doing crew catering. They are also looking into investing in a food trailer to expand their opportunities. Looks like it’s going to be a great year for them!

To book them, please contact them on 07920 481396 or visit them at the Royal Arsenal Farmer’s Market every 2nd and last Saturday of every month