SPOTLIGHT ON……. The Old Cottage Coffee Shop!

  Posted on 6th March 2019

**S P O T L I G H T**

Meet Mimi and Michael from The Old Cottage Coffee Shop. Community is at the heart of their business which they have been running from the lovingly restored site of an old derelict burger bar in Charlton Park.

Since opening the café in 2012 Mimi has become the centre of the community by supporting the neighbourhood in many different ways. She and the café contribute hugely to charities throughout the year.

Mimi hosts a Christmas lunch every Christmas Day to which older residents are invited. She gathers together volunteers to both cook and serve on the day and there’s even carol singing and a raffle at this lovely event.

There is now a great buzz in the park since the café has opened and all ages are using the space in many different ways whereas before it was very much a thouroughfare.

And they do an absolutely delicious lentil and chilli soup which is a must-try!

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