Exciting New Foodie Training from GCDA!

  Posted on 7th March 2019

Ever wanted to chop like a pro? Heard about the benefits of eating less meat and more veg but not sure where to start? Thinking about getting into fermentation?? Or maybe you’re on a health kick and want to reduce your sugar? Or are you thinking of running your own business? All these things and more are possible with this incredible new training from GCDA.  They are running 4 food-based courses, all starting in the next few weeks – so there’s still time to book on!

Knife Skills Training – 3 weeks from Monday March 11th from 10am – 1pm in West Greenwich 

Essential for anyone wanting to speed things up in the kitchen or who wants to save money and waste less.  This course covers all the basic chopping techniques, how to handle and care for your knives, which knives you need for which job and how to sharpen them.  Each week you will observe and practice these skills, culminating in a delicious meal to sit and eat together!  But hurry! It starts Monday 11th March in the heart of Greenwich, and there’s no charge for anyone on a low or no income!

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Culinary Skills for Food Trends – 4 weeks from Tuesday 19th March form 10am – 4pm in West Greenwich

Whether it is for your own business or just your own enjoyment, this course will give you practical skills and knowledge to ensure you are at the cutting edge of food trends.  Each week you’ll eat a delicious lunch and learn the science behind the food too.

This 4-week course will cover:

  • Reduced Sugar – making cracking cakes without the sugar
  • Gluten free – as more and more people are finding their tolerance for wheat and gluten is impaired, we look at some great alternatives
  • Plant Based – move over meat, veggies are the start of this show! Delicious plant based meals to wow your friends or customers
  • Fermentation – all the rage – don’t get left behind by learning these skills to ferment you food; so good for your health!

The next course is Tuesday 19th March from 10 – 4 and you can book here

Community Food Training – 20th March, 10am – 1pm in West Greenwich

Are you thinking or planning to, set up a new community project focussed on food?  Whether it’s food growing, a lunch club, community cafe, projects using food surplus or food bank, GCDA can help you! This half day training covers:

  • Funding and legal structures
  • Measuring need and interest
  • How to make, move or grow your food
  • Legislation/ rules/ best practice
  • Plus loads of industry information from those who have been there and done it!

Essential for anyone wanting ti run a food project in the community!

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Food Business Start-up Training – 10-week course starting 1st May from 10am – 1pm at the Eltham Centre

Got a passion for a winning food idea? Do you want to run your own business, but need some help getting started?

Run by Claire Pritchard, CEO of the GCDA and Chair of the London Food Board, this course is essential for anyone wanting to set up a food business.

What we’ll cover:

  • You and your ideas
  • Legislation and the law
  • Health and Sustainability – how to capitalise on these themes to maximise your profits
  • Product Development – ensuring you have the best product possible
  • Running your Business – logistics, production, trading opportunities and more
  • Finance – how to price your product correctly
  • Promotions and Branding – how to sell yourself and your business product
    Business planning

An absolute must for anyone thinking about setting up a business, or for those who are running a business, but could do with a bit more support.

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