Good Food in Greenwich Business Charter!

  Posted on 14th June 2019

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our brand new Good Food in Greenwich Business Charter.

There are lots of reasons to be healthier and more sustainable the health and welfare of people and animals; the environment; society and culture, and that it makes pure business sense. 

Consumers today are asking more about the food they are eating, from how healthy it is through to where ingredients come from, and how the producers have been treated.  Many recent reports show customers are more likely to visit places where the food is sustainable, and where there are healthier and meat free options.   

Committing to, and displaying the charter means they can trust that business is actively making changes to be a more sustainable business.  We know food businesses can’t be responsible for everything, but with more and more people eating out regularly, rather than as a treat, we think they play an important part in supporting people to be able to buy healthier, more sustainable food. 

We’d love ALL Greenwich food businesses to sign the charter, so please get the word out there.  They will then feature on our preferred business supplier list and we will promote them in every way we can.  There is a pack that will support them to make changes and also someone from GCDA will come and visit them to help them too.

So, if you’re a customer; go to your local business, ask them to consider signing the charter and put them in touch with who can go and visit them and support them to pledge

If you’re a business, email and she can come and visit you with the pack to support you to make changes.  It won’t cost you anything!

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