One New Recipe A Week Challenge

While this is an extremely hard time for everyone it also feels like a time when new healthier habits can be formed.  With no restaurants open and more time at home it feels like a great opportunity to cook more meals from scratch with the Good Food in Greenwich one new recipe a week challenge.

Cooking a new meal is a great way to have fun on your own or with the family, learn a new skill and have the treat of a delicious, healthy meal to enjoy at the end of it.  

As part of the Good Food in Greenwich network, GCDA recommends trying to eat more veggies and beans, and maybe reducing the amount of meat we eat.  A plant based diet is more affordable, better for us and much better for the environment.  Eating 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day helps us all feel better physically and mentally both now and in the future. 

So why not use this time to commit to the challenge of trying at least one new recipe per week?  When the quarantine is over you will have several amazing new dishes in the repertoire to enjoy and to share with friends and family.  Please tag us and use the #GreenwichCooks and let us know how you get on!



Here are some sites which have great recipes to try.

The BBC has a great selection of recipes.

For the more experienced, or more adventurous try Ottolenghi  

Or try Jack Monore, Cooking on a Bootstrap – loads of great recipes you can make form store cupboard ingredients or bits and pieces that don’t cost the earth!