World Disco Soup Day

Being a big fan of disco’s, at least I was 20 years ago, and of soup, I was very excited to hear of World Disco Soup Day. 

I was even more interested when I heard about their ethos.  They want to raise awareness about food waste in as positive a way as possible. 

In a nutshell they save food that would otherwise have been wasted from supermarkets, restaurants and farms.  This food is then used to prepare an enormous pot of soup which is served to eager participants. 

All this is done to the backdrop of food inspired music and lots of dancing.  Hence Disco Soup Day! 

Every year 30 percent of the food produced is wasted worldwide.  This is clearly disturbing given how many people go to bed hungry at night. 

Since the first World Disco Soup day the group have saved over 50,000 KG of food from landfill and turned it into many thousands of meals for people to enjoy. 

While doing this they have brought people together, created a lot of joy and raised awareness of a very serious issue. 

World Soup Disco Day has passed for another year but we encourage you to do your own by trying this wonderful soup and enjoying the music.  Perhaps you could invite friends and family to do it together on Zoom. 

At Good Food in Greenwich we have ran very similar projects.  We run twice yearly outdoors surplus feasts cooking 350kg food to give away to 500 people.  Since November 2018 we have run monthly community meals feeding 60 – 100 people using nothing but surplus from Fareshare. 

Keep an eye on our website and social media feeds to see when these events resume after the quarantine. 

If you’re interested in reducing waste and redistributing food which would otherwise be thrown out have a look at these great websites.