Food Growing and Farming Sub Group

spadesGreenwich has been leading the way in food growing for many years, and the work of the food growing sub builds on this amazing work including the Growing Greenwich partnership which worked with over 1000 people and supported 30 growing sites.


Food growing is an excellent way for people and families to get involved with Good Food. We know that those who take part in food growing activities have better mental and physical health, and usually eat healthier too. Food growing helps bring communities together and is a great way to make use of communal land, or disused land.

The Food Growing Group is the responsible body for the delivery of the areas of the Goof FIG Action Plan and covers work diverse as Food Growing Schools, Establishing a Food Growing Project Training, supporting food growing sites across the borough, foraging walks, gleaning and including an introduction to food growing in the Community Cookery Clubs. It is also tasked with engaging local partners and agencies to support the delivery of this area of the action plan and ensure delivery of the work.

gleaningFor more information about what’s we know is going on, have a look at the action plan. However, we are always looking for more people to be involved! So if you know of a food growing project that we haven’t recorded then please let us know!


Moving forward, this group will focus on writing a food growing strategy to make Greenwich a Food Growing Borough. We want to see food growing incorporated across the borough in planning and development, social housing and in every school, in brownfield sites and disused land. We want to support communities to come together to learn to grow and benefit from what food growing has to offer.


In addition, we want to map all community food growing sites in the borough; so please let us know where they are!

If you would like to be involved with writing the food growing strategy, or you know of food growing happening in the borough that we haven’t mentioned, then please let us know!


Contact Mel on or 02082694880

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