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The Superzones project would like your opinion

Having healthy spaces and neighbourhoods are vital to giving children the best start in life and reducing health inequalities. We know that being exposed to an unhealthy environment as a child can have a lasting impact on mental health, obesity, educational achievement and long-term conditions.

Greenwich is one of 13 London boroughs taking ground-breaking action to improve the environment in which our children and young people grow up, through a new project called ‘Superzones’. This is a zone around a school – around a 5-10 minute walk,– where the aim is to create healthier and safer places for London’s children and young people to live, learn and play.


As part of the Superzones development around Hawksmoor Primary School in Thamesmead there is some engagement work taking part in the area, in the form of a short online survey.

If you currently live, work, or volunteer in Thamesmead please share your thoughts on what makes it harder for children and families to lead a healthy lifestyle and how the Superzones should develop.

If you can spare five minutes please complete this short survey and let us know your views: