Pledge Ideas

Here are some useful ideas for pledges:

  1. Buy more local food
  2. Cook more meals from scratch
  3. Buy Fairtrade products
  4. Demand healthier options in your local café
  5. Grow your own veg or herbs
  6. Volunteer on a local food project
  7. Waste less food. Check out our quick guide on Food Waste for more info and visit Love Food Hate Waste for loads of great ideas
  8. Buy sustainable fish & free range chicken when possible
  9. Recycle more
  10. Separate food waste for kerbside collection
  11. Support independent cafes and restaurants
  12. Organise a community food event
  13. Teach your kids to cook
  14. Sign up to a Greenwich Cookery Club
  15. Get involved in your local food bank
  16. Lobby your local businesses to provide better food
  17. Walk more
  18. Support local food growing projects
  19. Tell everyone you know about Good Food in Greenwich!
  20. Get involved with food in your schools – growing, bee keeping, cooking
  21. Have meat free day or two each week

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