Steering Group

In 2013 Greenwich was awarded the Sustainable Food Cities status; a fantastic step forward in recognising the huge amount of work already happening in Greenwich in supporting ‘Good Food’ across the borough.  The Sustainable Food Cities approach works with cities and boroughs across the country to bring people together to make healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic of where they live.  In October 2014 this work was all consolidated under Good Food in Greenwich network, and a Steering Group was formed to support the  achievement of the ambitious aims of the network.
The Steering Group is a partnership of organisations and individuals responsible for the delivery of this work.  It’s aims are simple, yet important and include:
  1. Engaging with local partners and agencies to support the delivery of the GFIG Charter.
  2. Developing ideas and actions for implementation in consultation with and on behalf of the network.
  3. Ensuring the delivery of the action plan identifying and addressing barriers to action
  4. Providing advice and information to the working groups
Under the steering group sit the sub groups:
·         Tackling Food Poverty
·         Waste and Sustainability
·         Food Procurement and the Power of the Economy
·         Food Growing and Farming
·         Food in Schools
bridget at steering group
Associate Director of Public Health, Bridget Imeson at the Steering Group
Each sub group is working on action plans that cover 6 priority points.  These action plans will help form our application for the Sustainable Food Cities Award in Autumn 2015 which, if successful, will recognise and celebrate the success we have had in taking a joined up, holistic approach to food and.
The steering group meets quarterly and hears updates about the work happening in Greenwich from the sub groups.  The meetings also feature workshops during which the attendees are asked to explore a specific element of Good Food.


The meetings are an excellent opportunity to network with others, find out what is happening in the borough, be inspired and link up with others to work on projects and ideas.  Many excellent projects have come out of the steering group meetings such as Waste Services linking up Rhodes Bakery with Fareshare to delivery 40kg of surplus bread each day for distribution to charities!

We welcome new members to the steering group, but ask that people commit to attend the meetings and work in-line with the terms of reference. If you’re interested in joining the steering group, please contact


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